Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #5

Valley Local southbound at Rocky Hill with girders for the Baldwin Bridge, Summer 1947


  1. Is this a Kent Cochrane photo? ait looks like it with the sharpness and the lighting. In general for photographers of that era he is for me one of the truly greats right up thger with thw more famous western guys.
    Maynard Stowe

    1. Hi Maynard and thanks very much for your comment! I'm sorry to have taken a bit to reply, not only due to the holiday, but I wanted to check with John Wallace as well as to the "ancestry" of this photo. I thought it might be one of his, but he confirmed that it's not and that it's most likely a Cochrane photo as you surmised. Thanks again for stopping by - hope you'll check in regularly!