Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Fun: DERS-2b, New Tools, New Project

Went over to Randy's place last night to help on his layout and caught these images of his just-completed RS-2 (New Haven class DERS-2b):

You may recall I did an article showing how I detailed a factory-painted Proto 1000 loco to match NHRR #510, but that's basically where Randy started and then he went WAY beyond what I did, adding a lot of additional detail. Be sure to check out his build thread for how he created this amazing model.

In other news....

One of the running-jokes among folks that visit for open houses and op sessions is that first-timers often go to our neighbor's house first, instead of our house. Makes some sense - not only is the neighbor's house right next to the tracks, but there's a big RR crossing sign attached to the outside wall. So it's an easy mistake to make. Fortunately, the neighbor is a friendly sort - and a bit of a 'buff as well - so he just points folks in the right direction - just the next house over.

Well, the neighbor is moving and downsizing so that RR crossing sign is now in my basement. AND just the other day he came by to give me these:

His father had hired out on the New Haven and he had these laying around for years. I don't know what they're for (I think the long one might be a joint bar wrench), but they're both clearly (and not-so-clearly) marked "NYNH&H" so they'll make fine additions to the display with my RR stove and scoop!

Click on the links above for more about these items...

I injured my thumb while helping out Bill with his new layout build last week, so I haven't been doing any modeling lately. But I've started gathering material and doing research for what I hope will be a feature article in the NHRHTA's Shoreliner magazine. As I turned my focus to modeling the Airline Local's steam power - specifically class J-1 #3022 - I was surprised to discover that the J-1 had never been covered in the Shoreliner. So, I figured since I was gathering research/info for my modeling project anyway, I might as well do an article too.

So that's what I've been spending my hobby time on lately.... but once I can hold things again, I have a decoder install to do and a house to finish . . . So stay tuned - and here's hoping you're able to get to your layouts and workbenches soon too - Have a great weekend!

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