Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday Fun: MRH & NMRA-X Presentation

Happy Friday! Just a quick post to highlight a couple of fun things for this week's edition of Friday Fun!

First, my buddy Dean (way over in Calgary, Alberta, Canada(!)) gave me a heads up that The Valley Local was mentioned in the latest issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine. I've had a few articles published over at MRH, and I occasionally post on their forum as well.

MRH July 2020, p. 28
They have a section in their magazine where they pick from the forum and my "Backed Up at the Backdrop" post got featured. Of course, since you follow this blog, you pretty much saw this already here - but it's cool to see it in MRH too!

And I definitely want to mention again that the NMRA-X is running its virtual national convention all this week. In fact, tomorrow (Saturday 7/18) is the last day - and I'll be presenting at High Noon!

Each of the days of the convention has a theme, and tomorrow's theme is model railroad operations. As it happens, I'll be doing a presentation on how I do ops on the Valley Line. I hope you'll have a chance to tune in, but if you can't cuz you're mowing the grass or washing the car, don't worry. This clinic - like all of the NMRA-X presentations - will be recorded and available for later viewing at your convenience.

So whether you're able to tune in live (when you can ask questions which hopefully I can answer :^) or if you choose to watch later, I hope you'll get a good sense of prototype operations. Even better if you have some information or tips that will help me refine my approach.

No matter what you're doing this weekend, whether down in the basement, in the train room, or sitting in your favorite chair, I hope it includes some time enjoying this great hobby. And maybe I'll "see" you sometime tomorrow!

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