Thursday, October 24, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Ops Session - Sept. 26, 2019

You can tell things have been busy 'round here lately since I'm just now getting around to doing a post about my last/latest operating session which took place almost a month ago(!). But, fortunately, my tardiness has been for good - and fun - reasons, being able to do so many RR-related things the past couple of months. If you don't know what I mean, just scroll back through the recent posts on the NHRHTA Reunion, the MARPM, and "OP"toberfest!

But despite the crazy/great schedule, I can't skip over reporting on one of my ops sessions - since getting folks together to bring the railroad to life is one of the main reasons I'm doing this project!

So, without further ado, here's a little slideshow of the evening. . .

BillS held down the Saybrook Tower/Dispatcher's role again this time. I think he actually likes it!

Having finished operating PDX-1, BobM is helping out in staging as RickB starts out on PDX-2 from New London/East End Staging while ChrisZ (conductor on PDX-2) looks on back in Saybrook.

Randy took care of East End Staging again - and it looks like Rick is having a good time. But the session is just starting...

ChrisZ reviews the paperwork for PDX-2 as it switches Old Saybrook

JamesM held down the duties at West End Staging, only having enough time to raise a hand to wave. No smile this time - too much concentration!

GregL and BobV working the Airline Local in Mill Hollow

PDX-2 heads up the Valley Line on the east leg of the wye in Saybrook

Cool view looking "north" into Essex

TIME WARP! BobV brought is battery-powered(!) ("dead rail") GP-9 to use on the Airline Local. Yeah - it's almost 10 yrs too new for my era, but at least it's New Haven. And looks and runs great!
As during every Autumn season, I have big expectations of hosting as many ops sessions as possible. I think one October, I actually hosted three of them in one month! My layout is set in Autumn, after all, so I want to operate the layout as much as I can during Sept/Oct. But - alas! - it looks like Autumn 2019 isn't going to quite work out that way. Sure, I had 2 sessions during September (this one, and the one during NHRHTA Reunion weekend), but not a single one so far in October - and none expected.

But, like the reason for this report being late, my lack of sessions is due mostly to being out and about doing other RR stuff I haven't been able to do before. And if there's one good reason to put off an ops session or two, I figure that's it!

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