Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday Tip: Long Strip Storage

It would appear I owe at least a small apology to those of you who follow the Valley Local here on this blog (or, even better, through the website - you do know there's a website, right? :^) rather than on Facebook. Yes, there is a Facebook Group for the Valley Local and if you're not following there already, be sure you do!

Turns out, I tend to post there more frequently than I do here - and for that, I apologize. I'll try to do better. At least the posts here tend to be more detailed, and hopefully more useful (the FB posts tend to be quick grab shots of what I'm working on at the moment, but at least they're more up-to-date).

Case in point: Today's Tuesday Tip

FB followers know that I've started on my first craftsman structure kits. Simple affairs, really, and that's kinda the point. Just want to get started and build some skills. More on that in up-coming posts, but for now, I needed to figure out a way to store some extra-long wood strip stock I had to get for the project. (click here for a tip on how to store standard-length strip stock).

It's important to keep such long stock straight, so after looking at my standard strip stock storage, I surmised a solution (sheesh!):

Yup - I got meself some more paper towel tubes and hot glued a couple of them to the front of one of my storage shelves. It was such a quick project that I totally forgot to spray paint them white first. Since the price is right (basically, free), I may just pull these off at some point and put up painted ones. But for now, my strip stock is safe and secure!

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