Sunday, September 29, 2019

Fixed Bike Train Video & MARPM Day 2

Not quite sure what to make of it, but it appears the link for the Bike Train video from Saturday may not have worked. Did any of you have trouble with it? If so, try this link:

Hope it works since it's a really cool video, especially seen along with my post - if I don't say so myself...

MARPM Day 2 was the first full day of the event, starting with breakfast and setting up first thing. Both days are full of clinics/presentations, as well as model displays, weathering demonstrations, and a vendor show. Here are a few of the displays (remember, you can always click the image for a larger view):

I actually took a bunch of my models down, and made some cool description cards for each of them showing a prototype photo for comparison as well as some notes on the prototype and how I modeled it. The NHRR head rest cloth was a last-minute addition. It would have been neat if it was tablecloth size, but it shows off some of the models nicely.
Despite his major house renovation (which includes a nice new layout space!), Bill is still getting some modeling done - and it's amazing work as usual. The highlight has to be his scratchbuilt model of the O&W station at Walton, NY. Some other stations and freight cars round out the display.

Ted Culotta's modeling is always impressive, and his display this year did not disappoint.

I've been following Eric Hansmann's work for a while and he was very encouraging to me when I was doing my first resin freight cars (which I brought but forgot to show him). He also put on a great presentation of his plans to model the B&O's Allegheny Yard Branch. Here are some of his freight cars, all exquisitely completed and weathered.

I don't know Dan Mitzel, but his detailing and weathering on these diesels was really impressive!

While there were a number of other displays, I'll end with one of my favorites - this collection from Jim Dufour showing some of his very talented modeling of B&M structures. Coming full circle, I got the idea for my display cards from his display at last year's NERPM.
In addition to spending lots of time taking in all the great modeling, I attended clinics by Doug Chapman, Randy Laframboise, Marty McGuirk, Mat Thompson, Paul Dolkos and Bernie Kempinski. I can honestly say that I left each one with at least one tip or insight I hadn't thought of before. It always amazes and impresses me how high the quality is of all the RPM presentations. Lots of hard work goes into preparing them and sharing the info with us - and it certainly shows!

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