Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thankful Thursday - A Quick Update

Between work and family, it's been an especially crazy bunch of weeks. I've even missed not just one, but a few Wordless Wednesdays. You know it's too busy when you don't even have time to post a quick photo. Such is life lately.

But thankfully I have some good news to report! My dad continues to get better and better, PT is going well and healing is happening. He's even driving again, which makes him especially happy :^)

And since I last updated about the Missus' dad, we've gotten some more good news - the chemo was effective and beat the cancer back enough that he can get a stem cell transplant as soon as he recovers a bit. Not only did he not have as hard a time with the treatment as we'd feared, he beat the odds and is on his way to remission. It's a true, straight-up miracle. No two ways about it. Even the doctors are amazed. He still has a ways to go, so your continued good thoughts and, especially, prayers are much appreciated!

I just wish I had some good news to share on the railroad front. I haven't had an ops session since mid-January and the resin casting stuff continues to sit in medias res. I even missed my annual exam at the real railroad. Fortunately, I work with some very understanding folks and I can make it up after work, and life, settles down a bit.

In the meantime, we continue our visits to the hospital, dealing with the day job ratcheting up, and I (at least) have had some fun distraction shopping for a new car for our daily commute.

Getting good news on Life's Important Stuff though gives us a great shot in the arm and hope for the coming weeks and months. Spring is certainly blooming nicely so far. I just hope my layout motivation will start to emerge a little along with the crocuses and daffodils!


  1. Happy Easter Chris:

    Good news on both your dad and your father in law!
    Blessings for continued good health for these men and we will keep them in our prayers. You and your wife are to be commended on placing "family first" for care giving and loving. I hope you both get to a place of relaxation soon, so you can re-charge and refresh. Best of luck on the railroad exam...I am sure you will be sucessful. Barry

  2. Happy news indeed! Good luck to your family for the future!