Saturday, December 16, 2017

Weekend Fun - MRH Features the Christmas Layout!

I got a pleasant surprise in the weekly newsletter/email from Model Railroad Hobbyist yesterday . . .

If you scroll down to the "Tips" section in the email, you'll see a link to a thread on "Building a Christmas Layout/Module/Diorama". Well, the accompanying photo looked pretty familiar and then, on closer inspection, I realized: "Hey! That's MY Christmas layout!"

I'd posted a bit about it on the MRH Forum this time last year, so it looks like they thought it'd be worth revisiting this year. VERY cool!

Since the above is just a pic, click here for a live hyperlink to that post.

This was just the first of a few installments on the project, which I finished in time for Christmas. So be sure to click on the link, and then scroll down that page for links to all the rest of the posts in case you missed them last year.

Of course, if you want to skip ahead, here's a direct link to the Final/Finish Fotos.

Certainly in keeping with the season - hope you enjoy!

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