Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Few Questions About Wordless Wednesday #58

After seeing yesterday's Wordless Wednesday, you might be wondering the same thing I am . . .

First, the pics:

These two photos are (supposed to be) of the freighthouse at Rocky Hill, CT. They're taken at two different times - March, 1929 and, um, "later" (late 30s? 1940s?) - and taken from roughly the same location (south end of the building, looking north).

Here's my question: Why do they look so different?

At first, I assumed that the smaller entry door had just taken the place of the larger freight door on the south end of the building (which must've been filled in). But upon closer inspection, that doesn't make sense - note where the window is, especially in relation to the wainscoting. Why would anyone bother moving a window like that?

Before I can focus on doing scenery in Rocky Hill, I'd like to at least get some building mockups done. But when it comes time to actually building a model of this building, I'd sure like to know what the deal is with this south end wall.

Anybody know the story?


  1. Interesting, it also almost looks like the platform is wider in the later photo, although that may be an illusion. Love the little Reo truck in the later photo! Sorry I can't help with the "story". Could they have replaced the whole end of the building?

    1. After a little research, it looks like the truck is a 1940 International, not a REO.

      Doesn't help with the building... except the date.

  2. I agree that the platform looks wider, Also, notice there's no pole in the background of the later photo (the lines from the freight house also head off to the right.)

    It's possible that the older photo is reversed, and also that the NH rebuilt the platform and built a ramp at what used to be the staircase end.

  3. Assuming they are the same building - and assuming the dates are close to accurate - in the time between the two photos at least two major hurricanes hit the region - perhaps the building was so badly mangled that one wall had to be completely rebuilt?