Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Tip: Badger Modelflex Paint

So I went to paint my model of the Valley Coal conveyor and realized I didn't have any more PollyS Grimy Black paint - my go-to "black" for such things. But I'd purchased a "weathering set" of paints by Badger some time back and - lo and behold - there was a bottle of "grimy black" in there.

I've never used Modelflex paint before, so I checked the label to see what the thinning ratio would be for airbrushing. There was none. So I checked the internet. Everything I read said it was "airbrushable right out of the bottle." Guess what - it was.

After the bottle was shaken and stirred, I put it directly on the bottlecap attachment on my Badger Model 200 airbrush. Here's the key: I also use the mesh filter.

I set the airpressure to 25psi and everything worked like a charm. Yup - sprayed right out of the bottle. No thinning!

Now, I don't want to assume that just because this experiment worked so well that I'd always shoot Modelflex right from the bottle. But so far so good.

What's been your experience?

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