Tuesday, July 9, 2024

B&M Buggy #104610 - Prep & Prime

After spending an inordinate amount of time ogling this model, it's time to bite the bullet and paint it. The first step is to disassemble it as far as you can . . .

First, I removed the couplers & coupler boxes, then the truck bolster screws.

After the trucks were removed, I could remove the two screws holding the floor in and remove the floor.

Unfortunately, other than disassembling the trucks (just one screw each, allowing you to separate the sideframes), this is as far as this model will disassemble. I wish the end platforms, railings, and steps were separate too since that would make painting easier. But I'll just have to do a good job of masking.

Since the roof panels were so smooth - and since I wasn't planning on media blasting the model - I took some 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and roughed them up a bit.

Now, as I mentioned, this is the first time I've painted a brass model and there are many folks that suggest media blasting, vinegar wash, etc. But since there was no tarnishing & the brass was in great condition, all I did was wash the model in an ultrasonic cleaner with water and a few squirts of Dawn dish soap.

Once that was dry (I shook it dry, then blew any remaining excess water out with my airbrush - then let it sit overnight), I hit it with a rattle can of Tamiya spray primer. Note that the trucks have been disassembled. This is all there is to this model.

I'm actually very happy with how the Tamiya rattle can primer worked. Just spray lightly and evenly, building up the color until the brass color is gone.

Next comes the controversial part . . . Figuring out what paint & colors to use to paint this B&M caboose. But that'll have to wait until next time - stay tuned!

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