Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Wordless Wednesday #467: Looking Back & Looking Forward



  1. Really nice detailing and weathering on # 0967, even if the numbering sequence (with a 0 ). Assume the NH did just that?

  2. Chris,
    Really nice weathering work on # 0967, but the numbering sequence (with a 0 ) is curious, even though the NH might have done just that?

    1. Hey Roger and thanks much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment - really appreciate the compliment! As for the leading zero - the NHRR applied that to the numbering of non-steam locomotives. The NH was an early adopter of electrics, and when they started getting diesels (which they considered to be "electrics" but just with their own on-board power plant) they numbered them the same way - with a leading zero. IIRC, the leading zero was dropped with the delivery of the RS-3s (class DERS-2c) starting in 1950. But I'm totally willing to be corrected on that.