Monday, June 24, 2024

New Haven DEY-3 (Proto 2000 S-1) DCC/Sound GAMECHANGER!

One of the coolest (and, as in this case, mildly irritating - but in a good way :^) things about having a blog is the feedback and questions you get. It's even better when the blog reaches such a wide-ranging audience.

Like a guy in Australia(!)

Earlier today, friend RodD from Way Down Under asked me a simple question about what Scale Sound Systems speaker I used in my Proto 2000 Alco S-1 (which I converted to New Haven RR DEY-3 #0967 - click here for that build thread). I didn't remember offhand, and I was shocked and annoyed to discover that I didn't mention it in my conversion posts (here and here). Spoiler Alert: It's Scale Sound Systems part# LLPR-S1S3-RC1.


When I went to the Scale Systems page to find the part# for that speaker, I discovered "something new had been added..."

Apparently, since I converted my loco to DCC and sound - using a LokSound v5 micro and separate Power Pack (which I had to solder to the decoder) . . .

. . . Scale Sound Systems has produced a shorter speaker that will allow you to use the LokSound 58921 Direct w/PowerPacks built in(!)

Snipped from the Scale Sound Systems website

You can find this speaker on the same page, but it's part number LLPR-S13S-RC1. Beware how close the part numbers are to each other.

This is a MUCH easier and more elegant solution for DCC/Sound in the P2k Alco S-1 - provided

  • the "drop in" board actually drops in (SSS recommends mounting it with double-sided tape) - click here for a drop in "fail" with this board; and
  • you don't actually enjoy soldering 3 tiny 30 gauge wires from a PowerPack to the decoder PC board - and trying to find someplace to stuff the PowerPack under the hood. . .

If I'd known about this new SSS speaker, I would have most definitely used it and the 58921 decoder with built-in PowerPacks instead.

But isn't that the way it ALWAYS goes?? You scratchbuild a long-coveted model, and - just as soon as you finish it - a manufacturer offers it? You build a scene with your best guess as to the look of a certain structure you have no photos of, and as soon as you're done, somebody shows you a photo of the structure - and it's totally different?

Well, chalk this up as another example of this weird "rule" in model railroading.

If you've been considering converting a Proto 2000 Alco S-1/3 to DCC & sound, hopefully I've warned you in time! :^) Just don't forget to isolate that motor . . .


  1. Thank you for your help Chris. I am doing two conversions and have ordered a pair of 58921 decoders and the short speakers.

  2. Finishing a model and then a manufacturer comes out with it is called Dabney’s Law named for the late Fred Dabney from early internet newsgroup rec.models.railroad.