Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Wordless Wednesday #434 - Situation Lately



  1. Oh my Chris...
    ...mystery, horror, or comedy???
    As a New York Central fan, I try to avoid this unhappy era.
    What do you think of the book?

    1. Heh - ESU v5 decoder programming is easy to fit in to the little slots of free time I have this time of year, and in "honor" of the 49th anniversary of the Poughkeepsie Bridge fire this past Monday (May 8, 1974) I decided to take the Penn Central book off the shelf and read it (it having sat there for, oh, probably at least 20-30 yrs). So far, a very readable book with more "pre-history" than I expected, which I especially enjoy.

    2. And I'm interested to learn why the PC hated so much being forced to take on my beloved New Haven. I've heard all the speculation - and it's no great secret - but learning the historical detail will be, dare I say, fun?

  2. I’ve been watching you detail the SW-1 and look forward to seeing what is in store for the SW1200 as I just got the same Rapido model (yes, in HO scale).