Tuesday, March 21, 2023

NERx in Progress!

One of the few "COVID consolations" that has emerged over the past few years is the increase of online/virtual opportunities to get together with other like-minded folks and share experience and tips. And the latest example of that for model railroaders is the online virtual Northeast Regional NMRA convention known as NERx.

Just like an IRL (in real life) convention, you can expect clinics, layout tours, helpful tips, and camaraderie - and all from the comfort of your home. Unlike an IRL convention, you don't have to travel, pay for lodging, or even pay admission - it's free!

NERx is happening this week (it started yesterday) and goes every evening through Thursday. If you're already subscribed to the NMRA on YouTube (and why wouldn't you be?) and/or follow the NMRA on Facebook, you probably already received a notice about this event.

But if you're not, you don't, you haven't - then you can easily check out the livestream here.

Tonight's lineup is above, but for a full schedule of events, be sure to check out the NERx website here. Thankfully, if you miss something (like last night's programming, for example), everything's being recorded and saved so you can go back and watch later (although I recommend viewing the livestream if only to be able to participate in the on-going chat).

Finally, if you're interested in "The Impact of "New Media" in Model Railroading" you'll want to be sure and tune in at 7:30 Thursday evening for a roundtable discussion. I'm one of the panelists and I know I speak for the others when I say we look forward to your participation and questions!

So if you have an evening or evenings free this week, be sure to tune in!

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