Sunday, August 28, 2022

Layout Skirting Update

Here are the latest progress photos. I think this is working out pretty great. But it raises another consideration...






I do like very much how it's hanging - but I'm surprised at how much smaller the aisle width looks as a result of the "below layout" area being closed in. And I suspect that feeling will intensify with the skirting of the other side of the aisle. This (the feeling of being more closed in, in a smaller space) is something I guessed might happen if I installed valences to hide the lighting. But seeing the effect of the skirting, I'm just about decided I won't be adding valences. I just don't want the space to start feeling clausterphobic.


Perhaps if, instead of attaching to the backside of the fascia, I instead attached to the L-girders. This would just "wrap" the legs and supporting structure with skirting - hiding all that unsightly stuff. It'd restrict under layout storage space, but this skirting isn't super convenient to get under/into anyway, so I don't expect I'll be storing much - if anything - under the layout. And there'll then be a good 12-24" of "legroom" from the skirting to the front/fascia of the layout. Instead of the skirting being a visual extension of the fascia, it'd look more like a pedestal on which the layout sits. Hmmmm.... Will think about that some more...

At least the seam between two ends of the fabric ended up working out better than I thought:


I forget offhand who suggested it, but thanks for the suggestion to overlap the ends.  That's what I've done here. In addition to the clothespin at the top, only a straight-pin is needed at the bottom for a pretty clean seam.

Thanks again to everyone for weighing in - and hoping for and looking forward to more feedback!


  1. Glad you are happy with the way it’s working out. It looks good


  2. I think it looks good. Could you mount the top of the skirting further back so it's not quite so flush with the fascia.
    My goal is not to have anything under the layout at all. I'm not there yet, but getting close.

    1. Thanks for weighing in Marty! Yeah, I'm wondering that myself a bit - it'd be easy enough to move the mounting back to the L-girders as I describe a bit above, but I'll have to mull a bit how easy/difficult it would be to mount it just a little bit back of the fascia. In the meantime, since I've now run out of fabric %^) I think I'll live with this as-is for a bit and see whether moving it will be worthwhile. Will definitely keep you posted! Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment!