Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Wordless Wednesday #368 - Just Doing It



  1. Did you change the track layout? Or was the diagram just wrong?

    1. Both, actually. A while ago, Randy convinced me to extend Track 6 west past the #34 crossover (IIRC, to allow PDX-1 to be staged there, if needed). Of course, I'd already done - and REdone - the control panel twice, so was loathe to change it again, opting to just do new printouts (2nd pic). But during the last ops session, it became apparent that knowing *exactly* where the #33 switch actually is is helpful %^) So, knowing that even the prototype has to make "temporary" changes like this from time to time (and, in fact, I have a prototype pic of the Saybrook control board with such changes - blackout tape and all), I figured why not do the same? I hated to "mess up" my pretty board, but it's more functional now and - like the prototype - now has a history too.

  2. Now you're talkin!! When you are willing to make temp changes, vis a vis, like the rail road made, the model just got more realistic.