Monday, October 19, 2020

Local Railfanning on the Valley Line Today

Wow - it's already 1/2 way through October and what a month it's been! It's not only right smack in the middle of my favorite season (which I also model), but it's also the "shortest" season - since I consider anything before the colorful foliage as "late summer" and anything after the leaves are down as "early winter." So I have a very narrow window during which to enjoy it - and get any pics I need for photo backdrops, etc.

Unfortunately, as I alluded to in my last post, I missed the first 4 days of the month spending time in the hospital. Long story short, as many of you know, I have Crohn's disease and I'm grateful to have had a remarkable run of 17 years since my last hospital stay. But a major flareup ended that run earlier this month. Still have some stuff to go through, but for now things are good and I've done my best to make up for some lost photo opportunities.

Fortunately, my chosen area to model is literally right outside my door. So I've been doing some railfanning on today's Valley Line taking TONS of photos (no more dozens of rolls of film - thank you, digital age) for reference, for fun, and of course for photo backdrops.

Here's just quick sampling, and all taken less than 10 miles from my driveway. Enjoy!

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