Thursday, February 15, 2018

Do a little SOMEthing

Wow - did Springfield already happen? It's been so nuts around here the past few weeks between family stuff and work stuff that it all just seems like a dream. Good thing I took pictures. Not much time for a show report. Or much else hobby-wise, unfortunately. I even managed to miss posting a Wordless Wednesday - a first, I think, sadly.

But I've managed to do just a little bit this past week . . .

I finally opened up the Micro-Mark casting materials that I got far too long ago (ahem, 3 years?!) with a view to ginning myself up to make some progress on the Rt. 15 overpass. All I could manage though was to watch the video. Dave Frary makes the whole process look pretty easy so I'm itchin' to try it out. Soon.

I'm also trying to dial-in my choice of ballast, so I took a few minutes on another day to make a "test bed" to try the different ballasts and see how they fare with different adhesives & stains. So I got a scrap of styrofoam, painted it brown, and laid down some Aileen's to glue the track down...

Then I spread out the glue and stuck the track to it. And there it sat for most of the week since I'd run out of my my favorite brown spray paint (Rustoleum Camo Earth Brown) that I use on the track.

But tonight, after another late night at work, I figured I'd swing by the store and spend a few minutes while waiting for dinner to heat up painting the track . . .

Now, I can't do anything until that paint dries, but at least it's painted. 15 minutes well spent.

Which leads to the moral of this post, if there is one: Always try to do at least a little SOMEthing. It's a lesson that easily remembered but all-too-often forgotten. If you do nothing, you'll never advance. But if you do a little something - even 5 minutes worth - you're just that little bit further along. And anything hobby-wise is better than nothing.

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