Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #166


  1. An interesting photo for its simplicity. Note the "Main line" track ties are almost completely buried. Do you have a location and date? Is the loco an RS-2? What class is the caboose?

    1. Hey Dan and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I don't have my data/date resources at hand (so maybe somebody else can weigh in too), but I know the location is at the Wethersfield, CT station post 1950. The engine is an RS-3 (New Haven class DERS-2c) and the caboose is a class NE-5 (can't make out the number at this resolution). The mainline track at this (relatively) late date aren't being maintained as well as they would be if they were expected to support anything more than a daily local ("The Valley Local" naturally :^) Also interestingly, the vacant area between the main track and the bulk track (track on far left) is the site of the old passing siding, taken out in the early 1930s after passenger service ended. And the station is the old freighthouse, repurposed after the original passenger station burned down.

      How's that for a "not-so" Wordless Wednesday?

      Hope you're enjoying the blog and visit again soon!