Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Fun - Canadian Rockies Railroading

This isn't Valley Line related, but fun nevertheless.  Considering we're getting some Arctic Cold down from Canada this week, I thought it perfectly appropriate to share this video.  It's well worth the 20 or so minutes it'll take to view (maybe during your lunch break?)

LOTS of snow here, but most importantly, one of the best-produced railroad videos I've seen - including a great description of the Timetable/Train Order process as well as stunning views of the Canadian Rockies.  Considering how cold it is outside, I'm especially glad I'm not a section hand (though the prospect of being snowed-in, a cozy woodstove-heated station, and a pile of books is pretty attractive)!


With all the social media input of Facebook, blogs and such, I'm afraid I don't remember where I first saw this link to this video, but to whoever shared it - and especially to the folks at The National Film Board of Canada - Thank You!

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