Thursday, April 25, 2024

Proto 2000 Alco S-1 becomes New Haven DEY-3 (Alco S-1) #0967: Adding Details

First off, can I just say how great the latest version of Mike Redden's NHRR-specific low-profile cab is? I just got the new one from him today and, although I may have been able to live with the repair I did since it actually came out better than I expected, the latest version is just a bit beefier, without any noticeable sacrifice in detail. In fact, to my eyes, everything looks ever so slightly sharper. Granted, once it's painted and weathered, I'm sure there's no way I'll be able to discern a difference. But it even fits ever-so-slightly easier onto the P2k body. It's all just a testament to Mike's Continuous Quality Improvement (to borrow a phrase). You can check'em out for yourself on his website here.

* * *

I mentioned in my last build postnot to do as I did and just jump right into putting this model together (unless, of course, it's already together and you're now modifying it . . .) Best to do the major bodywork first. That's what we did last time and so, now that that's done, it's time to add the detail parts.

Thankfully, while there are no assembly instructions per se, the model does come with an exploded diagram that shows you where everything goes. And you should have at least a few photos of each side of your prototype to clear up any remaining confusion.

While relatively easy, and certainly enjoyable, the P2k model comes with a LOT of detail parts - so it takes time. So be sure to be patient and take your time. The undec version appears already to have a primer coat, so I used some small drill bits to ream out any mounting holes that needed reaming out - you don't want to force fit these parts - and I applied liquid styrene cement from the inside of the shell to affix the parts in place. The stack, engine covers and lift rings were the first to go on, figuring they'd be the sturdiest.

Next, I turned my attention to the MANY grab irons. And here's my main - if not only - PRO TIP regarding attaching the details  . . .

Make  certain you distinguish between hood end grabs and hood side grabs.
As you can see in the photo above, they are not the same. The end grab is the angled one on the top and the side grab is straight grab on the bottom in the pic. They're easy to mix up. Again, ask me how I know . . .

The rest of the details are pretty straight forward and easy to figure out - especially if you have prototype photos to help you along.

Thankfully, even though I added all the hood details BEFORE I did the major bodywork, drilling, etc., they were more robust and sturdier than I expected and I didn't break any of them in the process. Thankfully.

But if I were to do another one of these, I'd definitely go about it the other way around. And that's the main reason I'm posting about this build - so you don't make any of the mistakes I did :^)

Next time, we'll add the details that Proto 2000 didn't - one that's NHRR-specific, and one they should have added in the first place.

Hope you're enjoying this build - and the fact that I'm posting a bit more on the blog. If so, drop a comment! Seeya next time!

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