Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Wordless Wednesday #380 - Christmas Gift, 39 years later...



  1. Chris your 39 yr old train set really brought memories! That is EXACTLY the same, and very first train, set Will got as a Christmas present from an aunt. We experimented over several years setting it up under the tree on a 4ft x 4ft cork board covered with a sheet. First with the steel track, then brass,(with turnouts too!!) That helped us design my 4ftx 5.25 current layout

    We later experimented weathering some of the cars. The caboose still has Will's hand written Connecticut & Vermont paper labels on the sides (The two 50 ft boxcars are pretty good models of x72 cars and Will has them in his 'might someday use box') Thanks for the memories!!

    1. Hey Bill! Thanks for sharing your memories too! That's so cool that that silly little train has sparked a life-long hobby for so many. Happy New Year!

  2. Chris I can't believe yours are still in boxes! My two Tyco sets are in a box in the basement and need a lot of work. They have to be 45+ years old. But my old American Flyer set is in pretty good shape and waiting for grandkids to get a little older.

    Happy New Year!