Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday Fun - Steam in the Foliage

Despite all of the inevitable challenges due to decreased ridership amid a worldwide pandemic, the Valley Railroad (aka the Essex Steam Train) has done a fine job of evolving and even thriving during these times. 

One of the biggest changes has been the extensive use of rail bikes on the south end of the line, by my house. While just about the ideal social distancing excursion, rail bikes are a bit different than full-size trains.

But that changed a bit this afternoon with a lite engine move, likely due to the Hand on the Throttle program. I heard the whistle and the crossing bells and was able to head down the street for a few minutes. Best coffee break ever. . . Enjoy!


  1. That is just awesome. What a great place to live!

    1. Yeah it is pretty magical around here - we're very blessed.