Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Wordless Wednesday #340 - "New London Staging" Done!



  1. What is wrong with those switch points in the last picture?

    1. Heh - I noticed as I was moving equipment back into the yard that this point had become unsoldered. I moved it to make it more obvious and to remind me I need to fix it! :^(

  2. Hi,
    Great work Chris.
    Humour me with this suggestion: I propose you paint your in-yard support posts your "sky" colour (white? blue?) down to about 3-4 inches above track level. It will add to the illusion of being more scenery than utility. They will be more invisible, at least in photographing them. Then paint the remaining rectangle dark brown or light grey and it can be the illusion of a weathered building.
    The fascia on my layout above Hyannis,MA is blue, not green, for the same reason, and mentally your brain just sees sky over the town.