Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday Fun: "New England Yesterday and Today"

Happy Friday! And apologies for the lack of posts lately. The day job has gotten much busier much earlier than expected - and that means late nights, and fewer blog posts. I have been able to do a tiny bit of modeling though - centering around trying to put together some Walthers modular buildings.

More on that in a future post. For now, I wanted to share a little "atmosphere" and inspiration for why I model what/where/when I do. "New England Yesterday and Today" was produced in 1938 by the New Haven Railroad as a way to promote the region for tourism - and the NHRR as the best way to get there. The mighty I-5 class 4-6-4 steamers ("Shoreliners" on the New Haven) are brand new and figure prominently in the train shots in the video. At least as important though, are all the wonderful scenes from an era that's all but forgotten (though won't be forgotten on my layout if I do it right).

So, sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy this little trip back in time . . .

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