Saturday, December 6, 2014

Quick-Changing Styrene to Wood

Here's a question for you . . .

Pictured are the "wood" parts representing interior bracing & racks for the Walthers Walton & Sons Lumber Co. kit. I'll be using this kit to represent the Wethersfield Lumber Co. on my layout.

I've come across a couple of nice websites here and here that do a good job of explaining how to distress & paint/stain/finish styrene to look like weathered wood. The results are nothing short of contest-quality, but seem to be a bit of overkill for something that will be mostly hidden (I plan to build the kit like this:, as you can see, most of that detail will be hidden).

The question is: How would you paint/finish all that interior detail? I know not to just build it "as-is", relying on the molded plastic color.

So what's a quick and easy approach you'd recommend?

Barring any alternatives, perhaps I'll use these parts as a way to practice that "contest quality" approach - but that will make the build take longer. And I think that's time that would be better spent on things you can actually see :)

While I'm at it, here's another question.... How would you do the exterior walls and roof?

I was thinking just shooting Grimy Black on the roof parts and weathering them. As for the walls, I'm considering trying a "peeling paint" technique - where I spray it with some sort of "weathered wood" base color (or perhaps - yikes! - do the weathered wood technique from those websites!) and then brush on some rubber cement before shooting a top coat. Erase the paint from the rubber and - voila! - peeling paint.

What do you think? Any other tips/approaches you'd suggest?



    1. Very cool - that's from the same guy that did the article I linked to first. Great techniques!

  2. Oops. Missed the first link. Really quick and easy though!

  3. BTW - are you planning on keeping them as two separate buildings, or combining them as in that picture? Either way, I would stick with a coat of 'wood colored' paint with possibly a darker brown wash to bring out some of the details. For the interior bracing and interior wood stacks I wouldn't make faded wood, nor much weathering at all since the purpose of the sheds is to keep the wood out of the elements.

    1. I'll be combining the buildings as in the photo. Good point wrt interior finish!